Pokemon LARP?
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For our son's birthday, Mr. Corpse had the idea of Pokemon LARPing. We know little about Pokemon, and less about LARPing. Please advise.

What we have: a few kids who are really into Pokemon (mostly aged 7 - 11). A park with some great woods for running around in. A lot of books about Pokemon.

So how does this go? Do we come up with a plot of some kind? What could be a good story, or problem they could solve? It shouldn't be too competitive; if there's a way to make it collaborative, that would be great. In the past we've done scavenger hunts in this park, and that's been good. We figure we can ask the guests to come as their favorite Pokemon character, and everyone can get as into that as they feel like.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should say that we don't want it to take too long. Maybe an hour? With a lot of running around.
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by law you must serve poffins at this party. BY LAW.
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What an awesome idea! My knowledge of Pokemon and Larping is from the 90s, but if the show hasn't changed too much, I'd picture something like this:

1) Hide a bunch of easter eggs that are painted like pokeballs. Tell the group how many there are and wait for them to 'catch them all'. (Theme song optional.) Inside, put pokemon-related figures or stickers or whatever you can find for cheap.
2) Present the invasion of the bad guys, you and Mr. Corpse dressed as Team Rocket. Recite their motto.
3) Tell the kids that the only way to defeat Team Rocket is to gain 100 experience points. Have a couple of group tasks, like an obstacle course or the human knot.
4) When the kids successfully complete the tasks, congratulate them, act out the defeat of Team Rocket, and move onto cake and presents.

Of course, even step 1) could be enough for an hour, if the park is big enough. Good luck with the party!
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(Just realized, you wouldn't have to paint easter eggs to make pokeballs. Buy a bag of red eggs, and a bag of white eggs, and switch the halves.)
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The games, anime, and manga themselves are full of arcades, carnivals, and at least one birthday party I can recall. So, sort of a simple thing to do would be to set your house up as Celadon Game Corner (or Rocket Game Corner) or steal some outdoor game ideas from Pokémon Runpa Carnival and just have a fairly traditional kids' carnival-style birthday party while earning tickets or something for costumes and game wins to get prizes. That's all entirely on-theme.

To LARP it up, maybe have some way that Team Rocket/Magma/Galactic/etc. is trying to disrupt the event and design a way for the kids to respond to it and defeat them. It could be as simple as collecting more tickets or eating more ice cream or anything where there's a competition Team Whatever needs to win to get the unique prize.
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