How to have a... less than authentic Bangkok experience?
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Where do I go in Bangkok for slightly better quality 'imitation' handbags?

My BFF has requested a quite specific brand and style (and it MUST BE leather - emphasis hers) of handbag on my return from my travels.

I know about the plastic knockoffs on the markets and at MBK etc. Can anyone point me towards the next step up in reproduction couture? Anywhere in downtown Bangkok is fine.
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Not "downtown" (but on the SkyTrain route), but I would think that if you can't find what you're looking for at Chatuchak Market, what you're looking for--a knockoff meeting your friends particular specifications--probably doesn't exist.

Also, keep in mind that just because you might be able to find and buy the perfect knockoff, there's no guarantee that the people at the airport U.S. Customs are going to let you bring it into the country.
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Seconding Chatuchak. Bonus: it's actually a very "authentic" BKK experience! You might want to do some research ahead of time to figure out what section to go to - it's one of the biggest markets in Asia.
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I've noticed the crappier stuff tends to be in the markets, and the better stuff in shopping centres like MBK, but sounds like you've already blown away that option....
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> there's no guarantee that the people at the airport U.S. Customs are going to let you bring it into the country.

citands's profile location says London so presumably it would be UK customs the bag would have to get through on its trip home from Thailand--not that's any easier, afaik. Is this something customs inspectors watch closely? I'm sure BFF would not want to get close friend busted.
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+1 on Chatuchak, where you can also get probably-authentic Levi's (many of which are made in Thailand anyway) for £15ish if you haggle properly.

Recommendation on customs: it's much easier to navigate that situation if the bag isn't obviously just-purchased-in-Bangkok, so remove all the wrapping material and use it a few times, then stuff it full of your own clothes/articles and pack in with your regular luggage. If questioned you've had it for a few months and no, you don't have the receipt because why would you?

It's unlikely that you'll be suspicious at all unless you have several obvious knockoffs packaged in a way that suggests you intend to resell them.
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