Sealed small city map for Traveller pnp rpg
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I'm looking for a map for a small city for my Traveller (science fiction) roleplaying game I'm GMing in a few hours. Doesn't have to be particularly detailed, but my Googling has turned up nothing useful. The city is on a planet without breathable air, has about 800,000 people and is a mining colony. Does anyone have something that might fit the bill?
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Kowloon walled city for its boxed in ness , I think.
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Maybe just find a map of a city on an island of about the right population? Something like Hashima Island (one map here)?
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Dwarf Fortress cities? Here's an example, just a street layout with rectangles for buildings; FPP on city generation in DF.
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Also,; Google Image search for "city" on the site.
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Vatican City? What's the TL? I'd look for a space station to model it after for a low-moderate TL.

Maybe Moonbase Alpha?
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"no breathable air" + "mining colony" implies underground city, one which has expanded into the now exhausted areas of the mine. That makes me think of Wieliczka Salt Mine, writ large.

That makes me think any map should wind up looking like an ant nest. I'd say crop the man out of the photo, print it out, and use that as your map.
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You are legends all. Thanks!
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By the way, 800,000 people is a lot for a "small" city. Anything about 10,000/sq. mile is considered dense. That puts you at 80 square miles which is pretty big for something that has to be enclosed. Crank up the density by a factor of 10 and you're still looking at 8 square miles. For scale, the population of Honolulu is 400,000. The population of the entire island of Oahu is 800,000.

Something like this Japanese arcology might make more sense: Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid.
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Sounds like Pittsburgh! ;)

Seriously though, for context, San Francisco has about 800k people and a land area of about 45 square miles.
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I'm not tied to the population size - there's some jiggery pokery with different ways of reading the product of the planet creation algorithm, plus it's not like the players are going to complain.

The planet is Acrid in the Trojan Reach - population is either in the thousands or in the hundred thousands, but the theme of the encounter is overpopulation so I like the idea of going higher rather than lower.

Incidentally everyone who plays Traveller should know about Pirates of Drinax and the Traveller Map API.
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