What play features Freud's On Dreams?
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I'm going through some boxes of old books I had in storage and came across this one, which isn't what it seems. I suspect it was created as a prop fro a play, but I can't think of a play I worked on, or have read that features this book. What play might have used this book prop?
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Or could it have been for a costume? anyone ever dress up as Sigi?
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A musical came to mind, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, only because it features a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis and talks about dreams. But I never worked on a production of that so I don't know if the book shows up there.

A play with Freud is a good possibility, but I don't know of one. Was there ever a theatrical version of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution?
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I was going to suggest Freud, The Musical, but then I realized that's in an episode of Friends. Were you the propmaster on Friends?
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Could it have been Suppressed Desires?
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Emmling, on page 329, Steve talks about a stack of books about psychoanalysis, and then points to a pile on the table. While I was never involved in a production of this play, this would fit the bill. I'm not certain the book is from a production I worked on. It's been more than twenty years since I worked in theatre and I like to prowl around thrift stores and used bookstores, so I could have acquired it outside of my time working in the theatre.

One production I was in was Terrence McNally's Bad Habits, but I have no memory of this book in it. It was about a therapy group, though, IIRC, so this book could have been from that. Can't find my script to check, and I couldn't find the book using the limited search of the play on Google Books. Anyone else have a copy of that script?
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