Need lawyer recommendation for employment law in California
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My employer, a large multinational based in CA, is letting me go under very dubious circumstances. I need a lawyer to help me understand my options.

I can effectively prove that the cause sighted for termination is false, and further have a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that the real reason is retaliatory for my refusal to enable further fraudulent activity in the company. Their misrepresentation of my redundancy is pretty egregious, and I have a lot of documentation to support that claim. I'd like to take the severance and be done with them, but the offer is a joke and I don't expect them to reasonably negotiate.

So, I need to lawyer up post haste. Recommendations for attorneys specializing in employment law in California are appreciated. Barring that, recommendations for any good attorney you've had experience with in the state, that may be able to provide me a reference are also welcome. Throwaway: caemploymentlawrecco at gmail
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I haven't had to use them, and the recommendation comes because one of the lawyers is a friend of a friend, but there's Grady & Associates.
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Littler, Mendelsohn.. They are in LA and San Francisco. Large firm that does employment contracts and the like all day long. If I knew what city, I could recommend a specific lawyer, but if not, call them and explain your situation, they will have an attorney.
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Here is a link to Lawyer Referral Services through the State Bar
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The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) maintains the best respected and comprehensive list of employment attorneys from the plaintiff's bar at their Referral Service. This is my wife's practice area and I've heard her tell people to check there like a million times.
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The California chapter of NELA is CELA.
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Littler, Mendelsohn.

No. Littler is a management-side firm. They do not represent employees. Try CELA as suggested above.
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Littler Mendelson is a great firm, but they represent employers, not employees. It's possible you could pay them to take your case, although it would cost a lot and even then I'd be surprised if they would represent you.

I don't have a specific recommendation, but if you google this, you want a plaintiff's side employment lawyer.
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As an employer-side lawyer, I know several good plaintiff's employment lawyers, but I need to know what part of the state of California you live in to give recommendations.
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