Professional headshot photographers in Seattle?
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Who do you recommend as an efficient, good photographer in Seattle for a professional headshot?

It's time for me to get updated professional headshots. I'm looking for somebody in the Seattle metropolitan area (though preferably close to the Lake Forest Park/Shoreline area) who is fast and will provide digital image files (though I don't need RAW). Price is not a consideration, within reason. If it makes a difference, I'm not an actor -- just a management-level techie.
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I had the photo in my profile taken taken by the people at Old School Pinups, which probably isn't advisable for a professional headshot but I believe do straight-up portrait work, too. They're near Lake City Way.
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My nephew does this. Memail if you want his info.
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I recently had some headshots for work taken at Karass Creative, in Pioneer Square. I don't know if they do individual work, I think they were hired in my case as part of a firm-wide marketing redesign. But I really liked the photographers and the results. The photos were professional but still a little cool, with some nice simple indoor shots as well as outdoor ones in Occidental Park, lots of brick backdrops for a slightly industrial feel.
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Emily Kelton does great portraits. I should state that I know her, but I would recommend her anyway. She did a great portrait of my daughter, and I've seen a lot of her work for other people. She's in Shoreline.
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Danny Ngan. I have known him through local photography meetups for over 5 years, and he does a lot of professional headshots as well as roller derby and other cool things.
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