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My dad and I are going to be in Chicago for a few days next week, and I'm trying to bash out an itinerary. Specifically, I'd like our focus to be a mix of sampling local beers, architecture, and nerdy things in the historical vein. I need the most help with the first part. Any suggestions for: Microbrews with public taprooms? Good bars with extensive local beer selection? Good neighborhoods within which one could happily wander?

Already on the itinerary: Cubs game on Monday evening. Oak park. Probably the Field and the architectural boat tours. I'd like suggestions of neighborhoods that would take us out of this standard tourist agenda that I've developed so far. We'll be taking public transit wherever we go.
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Response by poster: I forgot to add that we'll be staying downtown off Michigan ave.
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Chicago is a booming beer town, as you know by now. Revolution is arguably the best. It's in Logan Square, about a 30-minute ride from Michigan Ave. on the Blue Line. Half Acre is another local brewery that has a tap room, but they don't have a brewpub. The Local Option in Lincoln Park (off the Fullerton Red Line) has an amazing beer list, but it tends to skew more international than local. The Grafton (in Lincoln Square, near the Western Brown Line) has a good local tap list.

For happy wandering, I'd definitely suggest Lincoln Square. You can hit the Half Acre taproom, then The Grafton, and then walk toward the Square just a few blocks away. Has some cute little shops and restaurants.
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architecture, and nerdy things in the historical vein

Well I gotta recommend the Chicago History Museum, and particularly their various tours (walking, bike, subway, pub crawls, etc.) And also, the nearby Museum of Surgical Science, which includes a lot of exhibits on the history of medicine, if that's your bag.
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Since others have recommended Blue Line destinations, the Map Room in Bucktown is one of my favorites as well. The abovementioned Revolution is rather nice as well.
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If you're prepared to go for distilled spirits, CH Distillery opened recently in the west loop, with an attached bar. Note: I have not been myself, yet, since it's recent. Looks nice when I've walked by, and some of their drinks seem interesting.
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Seconding the museum of surgical science.
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Hopleaf has a good beer selection and great food. Gets crowded. One of my fave places in the city, though. You'd take the red line then walk a few blocks. Or you can take a cab - it's not really a pain or crazy expensive 'cuz you just head up LSD.
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Seconding Half Acre tap room, and just east of Lincoln Square in the Ravenswood neighborhood is Fountainhead, with a beer menu that runs roughly 15 pages. They carry a lot of local/regional brews on tap and just about anything you can dream of in a bottle.

Plus, heated rooftop deck.
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Haymarket Brewpub is also pretty good, and if you're over that way you can walk a bit south and get to Greektown for many delicious things. Both of these are basically straight west of the loop/downtown, so might be easier to get to (it's a long-ish walk, or a few bus stops.)
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Came to recommend the architectural boat tour, stayed to recommend that you take the one offered by the architectural society if at all possible rather than the ones offered by the general tour companies.
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Museum of Surgical Science is interesting, but I wouldn't recommend it to a short time visitor unless they really liked medicine. The Chicago History Museum is good though.
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The Architecture Society Boat Tour on the Chicago River is NOT TO BE MISSED.

Hot Doug's for incredible gourmet fancy sausages (duck-fat french fries on Fridays!).
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I'll second, third or fourth the suggestion on the architecture boat tour. If the Cubbies are are home, Wrigleyville is worth a visit. Goose Island has a spot there.
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Haymarket is quite good. If you want a day trip, go to Three Floyds (in Indiana, maybe an hour from the city by car).
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