Custom-printed pet wear for adoptables?
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I volunteer with a rescue group that fosters and adopts out tiny dogs. I am looking for someplace that will custom-print either a collar or a pet bandana with the group's logo, so it's similar to the"adopt me" signs that many adoption groups use. Likely I'm going to want less than a few hundred, which seems to be below the radar for most commercial outfits. Any suggestions for a company that might do that without costing an absolute fortune?
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Would you consider having fabric custom-printed, then turning that fabric into a bandanna? Spoonflower has been in business for years custom-printing fabric.
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If fidelity to the real logo isn't paramount, some mid-range consumer sewing machines these days that are computer-controlled have built-in embroidery functions that can do writing in various fonts and a limited range of clip art—or, some higher-end or newer ones are programmable in a way that might be able to reproduce your logo (probably in just one color, unless you do multiple passes on each piece with different threads.) Google for manuals on manufacturers' web sites and flip through them, like here for example, to get an idea of what sort of detail can be produced.

So maybe you could canvass your organization's contacts to find out if anyone owns a machine like that, or maybe solicit help from a stranger through a store that sells cloth or sewing supplies, and buy a bunch of blank bandannas or collars to customize yourself. That might even let you produce smaller batches as needed, if you can regularly get access to the sewing machine.
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I work in the custom printed products industry, and I think those quantities may be do-able, actually. I'm willing to talk to you, but I'm not soliciting your business per se. If you DM me I can probably find my counterpart in your area tomorrow, or if you Google promotional products [your city] you'll probably find a number of them. We all work from a couple of industry databases where we find suppliers - I haven't worked with collars but a lanyard supplier would possibly do something like this, and custom-printed bandanas are a very common item.
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When I have needed custom made shirts for groups I worked with, a local screen printing shop has always helped and had a very quick turn around. On their in house display, they had all sorts of fabric items and would probably do any of that very quickly. My turn around was always less than two weeks for custom designs and numbers of less than 50. Google a local screen printing shop and see what happens. If you do not like the first one, find another until you get one you like.
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Look for custom pint suppliers that work with colleges. They will be used to this size range.
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Specifically I can recommend as having a wide range of products and not being a jerk at conferences.
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This isn't exactly what you asked for but it might do: "Adopt Me" leash sleeves available in several colors.
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FWIW, I actually think that the quantity you want is probably quite doable. I recently got a small quantity of custom mugs printed, I think 144, at a reasonable price. A quick Google search found this company with a minimum of 144.

Having purchased a lot of promo products in the past, I highly recommend having them send samples first so you can see the quality of the product and their printing.
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Ask your local screen printing place for a discount, in exchange for letting them put their own logo on the bandana, or for listing them as a sponsor or supporter on your organization's promo materials.

If you go local, you'll be more likely (in my experience) to find someone willing to work with you on price/quantity.
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