"Please don't pull any punches" (or something) in French?
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Let's say you wanted to ask something like "Do I look fat in this?" Doing so would cause many or most people to take your feelings into account when answering, and so if the answer really were "Yes, you look fat in that", you might not get an honest answer. So, if you really did want an honest answer, in English you might also say something like "Please don't worry about hurting my feelings", or "Please don't pull any punches", or "Please be brutally honest". How would one say the same sort of thing in French? Not necessarily direct literal translations of those phrases, but preferably a standard (and perhaps idiomatic) phrase getting the same point across.
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Perhaps "appeler un chat un chat".
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"Ne te gênes pas : dis ce que tu penses vraiment."
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"Ne mâche pas tes mots."
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"Je veux la vérité vraie."
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"Ne pas y aller de main morte."
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Dis-moi franchement
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