iOS app to sync text notes AND bold / italic / strikethrough formatting?
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What iOS app syncs with Notational Velocity and preserves all three of NV's formatting options (bold, italic, and strikethrough)?

The two remote services NV syncs with are Simplenote and Dropbox.

I want to be able to directly edit a note on an iDevice and not have that editing cause the note to lose all its formatting when I next view it in NV. (That's the result if I edit a note with the Simplenote iOS app).

If there's no such thing, is there an app that will auto-sync with Simplenote or Dropbox and let me default to viewing all my notes in read-only mode? (That is, an app that will NOT let me modify any note unless I manually switch to a different mode where I can modify notes?)

Sticking with NV on the desktop is my only must here.
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I don't think Notational Velocity actually exports the formatting to Simplenote/Dropbox (see this closed bug), so it's not possible for an app to preserve the formatting if you are editing it through those services?

If you are sticking with NV through preference and not an inability to install anything else, you might want to look into NValt which is a fork of Notational Velocity that includes extra features like Markdown, and may have a workaround for this problem.

I don't know of any text editors with a read only mode, sorry.
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Response by poster: Oof, thank you -- good (if frustrating) to know!
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Response by poster: Update: There was not a direct solution to this, so I had to switch to Evernote. I prefer NV's interface, but Evernote is more flexible in most ways and is free for this kind of usage:
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