Can I use Mainstage 3 instruments in Garageband '11?
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My wife is a keyboard player (I play guitar) and we are trying to use our new MacBook Pro for our practice sessions. She got her MIDI keyboard to play through Garageband but wanted better piano sounds, so I bought Mainstage 3 for $30 (after Googling the question). Mainstage 3 has much better sounds like Hammond B3, Rhodes, etc.

I've installed the optional content for Mainstage and rebooted, which seemed to give me more loops and patches in Garageband. But I still don't see the nice keyboard patches there. Is there a way to do this? If not, can someone suggest the best setup with these two programs for:

1) Having her play keyboard through the Mac while I play the guitar through my real amp?
2) (Eventually) Playing both instruments through the Mac at once for practice and basic recording?

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