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Trillian/YahooMessenger: I can't get Trillian to delete my Yahoo! Messenger contacts. I can delete them but whenever I open Trillian the next time, they reappear. When I load the actual Yahoo Messenger program they don't appear. I've also deleted all my address book contacts but still, these old accounts appear on Trillian. any ideas on how to make them stay dead?
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This one drives me nuts as well. As far as I know, the only solution is to open up Yahoo! Messenger and delete them there. But if someone has a better approach, I'd be eternally grateful if they shared it.
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See if you can edit the Buddies.xml file in your /users/default directory in your Trillian folder and delete them out of there. I don't have any Yahoo! contacts so I can't test it out for you.
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Deleting them from Buddies.xml doesn't work. I'm guessing it is pinging the Yahoo! server every time it loads. Since none of the Yahoo contacts I have on Trillian show up on Messenger when I load it, I don't know how to delete them from there. arg and all that wot.
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I had the same problem in Adium on Mac OSX. I've never actually had a Yahoo branded messenger installed on my system, so I was at a loss. I found that Adium was placing the undeletable contacts into a "New Contacts" category automatically because they were people who IMed me and who I didn't block. Re-categorizing the contacts allowed me to delete them fully. Perhaps Trillian might work the same way?
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Open Trillian, connect to Yahoo, delete the folks you want to remove. Go into your settings for Yahoo and click the button that says Export Settings to all Yahoo accounts. Disconnect Trillian, wait a few minutes and then open Yahoo Messenger. Your contacts should still be gone. Disconnect Yahoo Messenger, and go back to Trillian and reconnect. At that point, everything should be the way you want it.

Well, that's the only way I was able to do it.
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