OM NOM NOM: Manhattan, South-of-Times-Square edition.
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Tasty slightly-reworked versions of beloved ethnic food in Manhattan, south of Times Square? I've been to Baohaus and Bonchon and Caracas Arepa Bar and love them both. Clearly, there have to be others!
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Best answer: Pok Pok Phat Thai!
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Best answer: Coppelia (amazing cocktails too, with good happy hour specials, especially all evening at the bar Sundays and Mondays), mainly Latin American.

Crisp is a hummus place that has some really cool variations on hummus and felafel.
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Best answer: All the Momofukus. Fatty Cue? Personally I would just head straight to 32nd st K-town for awesome original Korean barbeque. (Between 5th and Broadway).
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Best answer: Upscale/modern/creative/hipster-ized Asian:
- Thai: Kin Shop, Ngam
- Thai/Filipino: Pig & Khao
- Filipino: Maharlika, Jeepney
- Japanese: Takashi (BBQ), Blue Ribbon Sushi & Izakaya
- Korean: Momofuku Ssam Bar, Hanjan, Jungsik (much more upscale than the others I've listed)
- Chinese/Chinese-American: Red Farm, Hakkasan (upscale), Mission Chinese, Cafe China, Lotus Blue
- Pan-Asian: Wong, Asia Dog (hot dogs)
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