A (vegan) night in San Francisco
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I’ve gotta take a quick trip to San Francisco this weekend. I think my Saturday and Sunday are full, but Friday night is still open. So I’ve got one meal to make the most of. What’s the best vegan option for one meal in the area? I’ll be flying in to San Jose, and staying somewhere between there and Santa Cruz, but I’ll have a car and am happy to go anywhere in the area. So where should I go?
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Not sure about vegan, but I've enjoyed Millenium and Greens (which are both vegetarian).
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Gracias Madre is pretty good vegan Mexican.
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If price is no object, definitely Millennium. Sample entree menu (!).

Otherwise, my vote goes to Cha-Ya, Golden Era, or Gracias Madre.
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If you're going to be in San Francisco proper, I've heard very good things about Dante's Weird Fish.
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San Francisco is an hour or two from San Jose / Santa Cruz. Maybe you know already, but factor that into plans for eating in SF if you're staying in the south bay.
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Seconding Cha-Ya, though I would go to the one in Berkeley.
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Golden Era!
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I had a similar situation and I ate at Millennium, and I liked it so much I went back a 2nd time during my long weekend in SF).
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For just one meal, I'd go to Millennium.

Second choice would be Cha-ya, Herbivore, or Gracias Madre.
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Millennium and Gracias Madre are great. I had a mixed experience at Cha-Ya. Greens is great as well, and as a bonus has a lovely view of the Golden Gate (not strictly vegan, but many of their entrees are).

I'm also a fan of Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant -- Chinese veggie, and has three locations in the city.

Indian food can be a bit tricky because of the use of butter/dairy, but there are boatloads of authentic vegetarian places in Sunnyvale and Fremont. The South Indian spots (examples: Madras Cafe and Saravana Bhavan) are cheap and delicious.
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Both Source and Ananda Fuara have a good selection of vegan options among the vegetarian ones.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I've made a reservation at Millennium, and am very excited.
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Oh, and if you felt like trekking over to Oakland (not sure it's worth the time, since you'll be coming from the South Bay), both Souley Vegan and Golden Lotus are excellent. (The caramelized un-chicken at Golden Lotus is oh-so-good.)
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