What song did Gail Davis sing?
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I need some help from the fans of TV’s Annie Oakley, Gail Davis. My mom sort of remembers a song that Davis sang either at the end of her shows or on a show. Sounds like a lullabye to me. The words are something like “Go to sleep baby, your mama and daddy love you very much.” Anyone know this song?
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Maybe not the tune that you are thinking of, but I did see her sing Jimmie Rodgers' Prairie Lullaby once, in a live show, in Denver, in about 1959, backed by the Sons of the Pioneers. I made my Mom take me to the show, because it advertised appearances by several TV cowboys of the day, and (secretly) because I had a ten year old boy's mad crush on her, as much for her horse ridin' and shootin' capabilities as her very pretty looks, and she signed a program for me, too!

My old man's heart still dimly throbs at the memory. Gail Davis was great.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Paulsc, but that's not it. Glad to have helped bring back some good memories for you, though.
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