Houseplant suggestions needed
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I'd like to get some suggestions for small houseplants. They will sit on the windowsill above my kitchen sink, getting direct sunlight in the morning. I need plants that can remain in smallish pots (no more than 6" diameter), and require minimal upkeep. I'd prefer it if they can be watered by adding an ice cube once or twice per week.
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Moth orchid?
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I really like my oxalis triangularis. It's fine with minimal watering, super cool-looking, and the only real upkeep needed is to cut it down to the dirt every six months or so. It'll grow right back afterwards.
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Sansaveria. They are very tough -- I have one in my kitchen window and it does great. Very slow growing and low maintenance.
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Oh, African violets would do well, too! You do need to fertilize them occasionally, but it's not a big deal.
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Pothos ivy does very well with little maintenance. And seconding Sansaveria, it took a major drought to kill the few we had outside. Others are doing well.
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I like Hypoestes (aka pink splash or polka dot plant) for easy indoor upkeep and pretty leaves.
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Cactii. They look great and many varieties won't spread out. Even the ones that do can take years to get to that point. They love the sun. Unless you overwater them they'll take huge amounts of neglect.
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Aloe vera is both low maintenance and useful in the kitchen.
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I love succulents and have several on my kitchen window sill. Aloe is one, but it will grow to fill whatever pot you put it in - we keep potting up one we've had for a couple of years and now it's enormous and we don't know where to put it! But a jade plant is easy and pretty.
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