What's the best way to have flowers delivered in Germany from Canada?
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I would like to order flowers online here in Canada and have them delivered to a German address. A quick Google search has turned up a few options, but I'm not sure which to choose. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I'd use Interflora's German site, assuming you can use Google translate to navigate your way through the buying process.
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I've done this with Pickupflowers.com.
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I've sent flowers to europe (from Canada) several times, and it's always been a fairly simple process using FTD. The one caveat: the flowers were always very similar to what was ordered, but never exactly as shown on the website. It can depend on the local availability of the flowers, or personal interpretation of the bouquet at the local florist.
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I always look up a flower place close to the person and then call. It is WAY cheaper to call long distance and order flowers than have them sent from where I am.

So just google flower places near your german address, ring them up and say "sprechen-ze english?" and eventually you should get a hit.
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Seconding St. Peepsburg's advice to use a local place. You can look up the options on Qype to compare (even just the numerical ratings if you don't speak German)
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Best answer: We're big fans of FloraPrima (link is to the english-speaking landing page but translations aren't always exact. Helps if you know a little German).

They kick FTD's ass in multiple areas, especially on price. 20 roses will cost you €20 (CAD$27) on FloraPrima, or you can get 12 for USD$109 (CAD$112) from FTD.

Delivery uses local DeutschePost/DHL and we've never had a problem. Quality and extra perks (like the glass vases or candy attached) are very high quality and affordable. They like throwing in little splits of champagne, which is always a nice touch.
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Best answer: Seconding FloraPrima.
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Response by poster: FloraPrima worked a treat, even with a non-standard street address. The free vase was also very helpful, as the recipient is just visiting Germany and doesn't have much glassware where they are staying.
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Glad to hear it worked out! Cheers!
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