Good place to find earcons / auditory icons examples
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Several years ago I remember there was a web site where you could find an assortment of earcons/auditory icons/station id's/etc. The NBC chimes, the Intel Inside tones, the jazzy Comedy Central stinger, etc. Now my Google-fu is failing me, and I'd like to find all of these to include in a presentation. I can find some of them on YouTube, but not all the ones the site I remember had. Failing this, can you recommend a good studio who creates these that has an online portfolio I could check out? I'd like to use the short jingles/earcons in a branding presentation for my students. Thanks.
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The Daily Wav?
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For production music and such, Firstcom is the largest player in the game at the moment although you'll likely not find anything recognizable immediately. These aren't necessarily those 1 or 2 second clips that you hear, but they have a lot of background music that would be on game shows, newscasts, etc.

Also, and - although I've been skeptical of the last one since they charge for some stuff, IIRC.
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Google up "Eric Siday" and "Identitones".

Siday was a pioneer in this area.
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