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Name that tune! In "Unfaithfully Yours", Rex Harrison cracks a joke around 00:16:30 about blah blah "pizzacato con motto vibratto" (" a dentist chipping out an old filling!"), then his orchestra launches into a classical piece. What is he having them play? Googling does not suggest that's its title.
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pizzicato con molto vibrato = "Plucking, with much vibrato". Definitely not a title, but an instruction on how to play.
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> During the conducting of Rossini's Overture to Semiramide, Sir Alfred imagines himself, in a complex and ingenious fantasy, murdering Daphne and plotting to frame and convict Tony (Kurt Krueger), his own suspected young private secretary, for the crime. While performing the second number, Wagner's reconciliation theme from Tannhauser, Sir Alfred fantasizes about writing Daphne a large check, forgiving the young couple, and allowing his wife to run off with her young lover. And while conducting the third piece - the finale, Tchaikovsky's Francesca da Rimini overture, he sees himself challenging Daphne and Tony to a fatal game of Russian roulette. While the plans work perfectly in his mind, he stumbles and bumbles his way through the preparations in real life.

Amazon links, with samples:
Rossini, Wagner, , Tchaikovsky
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Gee thanks, dhartung, for spoiling the plot for those who haven't seen this gem. In any case, I strongly urge fans of well-made, clever movies to rent this Preston Sturges classic. NB: Make sure it's the 1948 version with Rex Harrison and Linda Darnell, not the idiotic remake.

Even knowing what's coming won't dampen the experience. A fun game is noting how many classic moments, gags, and effects Sturges came up with that have since been copied by others.
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Response by poster: None of the samples sounds right. The scene takes place earlier, during a rehearsal, so maybe it's something else. It starts with strings kind of being plucked/plucked/plucked, then windwinds come in. The first minute of the intro has a very familiar, MISCHIEVIOUS feeling. It might have been background music for Bugs Bunny antics or some other big pop culture icon. Sorry to be so vague. Music is not, as you might guess, something I know much about. But darn, this one is so familiar!

(For anyone familiar with the movie, it's the same piece they're playing while the cymbalist is persuaded to get more "vulgar".)
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