How can I track visitors to multiple url-shortened URLs?
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I post a lot of URLs to social media sites (and since one of those is Twitter I often use url shorteners) that point to my own publishing company's website, and also directly to where I sell my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I know services like will track how many clickthroughs a url will get, and I think they can give me multiple shortened urls for the same target url. I'm wondering if any url shortening sites will also let me keep track of all of my shortened urls and give them nicknames or make notes (so I can note where I've used them) and give me a chart or spreadsheet or something that shows me which urls are getting the most traffic. Or if there's an app or separate website where I can enter the info that will then collect the tracking data. I'm trying to avoid having to manually check every url's visitors data.
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Best answer: What I've done is setup a YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) via its own Wordpress installation, and it works great.

Was able to obtain a three character .li domain for not that much money, and feel that it is worth it for the metrics obtained.
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Best answer: I've used for this. I particularly like its renaming function (combined with a custom URL) and the ability to set up different campaigns. The graphs are nifty too.
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Response by poster: Those are both great suggestions - thanks so much!
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