Jammy wine recommendations?
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Last year we found a cheap red blend that we liked that was on the sweet side and had a very jammy taste, all for $5. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to like it, as it's been discontinued (Flying Heart from Trader Joe's). Looking for something with that sort of flavor profile, preferably less than $10.
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Response by poster: Should add that we're looking for a level of sweetness that's somewhere below a dessert wine.
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I have a soft spot for sweet wines. I've never had Flying Heart, but I like Jam Jar - sweeter than any wine I've ever had, but not to the level of being a dessert wine. It's 7.99 to 9.99 a bottle. There's a red (shiraz) and a white (moscato). I keep telling myself to try the white, but I keep buying the red.
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Man, I just finished a bottle of Dizzy Daisy Concord and thought in particular it was too sweet and jammy for my taste. Don't know if you can get this shipped to you or something, but it sounds exactly what like you're describing.
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I had one called Acronym wine a month or so ago; it wasn't super sweet, but it definitely seemed on the "jammy" end to me. (I didn't prefer it, actually, although it was easy enough to drink.)
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Adesso Cagnina di Romagna is very jammy and very delicious.
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Here's the writeup of Flying Heart, so I know that you're looking more for the kind of concentrated jamminess of Syrah/Shiraz or Petite Sirah, rather than the "fruity sweets" of something like an Australian Grenache.

So I'd start there. Cheap Australian Shiraz blends are ubiquitous and sadly variable in the US; American ones are trickier, because the good stuff is expensive and more complex, but there are Syrah-first blends with a splash of sweetness if you do a bit of sleuthing. Spanish Syrah-Garnacha, perhaps? Or perhaps a full-on old vine Garnacha like Evodia?
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If you were in Australia I'd suggest you try a sparkling shiraz: a slightly sweet red, drunk chilled. The good ones are bottle fermented with champagne yeast and delicious. No idea if they're available where you are, but if you see one you should try it.
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Layer Cake Shiraz is jammy and wonderful. List price is closer to $15 but I've seen it on sale a lot, so it might be worth looking for.
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The market seems flooded with slightly sweet red blends right now. I tend to avoid these wines because I prefer the dry stuff unless we're talking about proper sweets like Port, Icewine and Sauternes.

Based on the reviews at Cellar Tracker it looks like Flying Heart might be sweeter than many of the suggestions above - you might want to check out a red moscato or a lambrusco.

If you head into any major wine shop and ask for a sweet red table wine they should be able to show you several options.
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McMenamins Black Rabbit Red (I think you can buy a bottle to take home at any of their locations) might be up your alley. If you were on the East Coast I would heartily recommend Bully Hill Love My Goat red, which I loved back in my younger days when I disliked dry wines; I had some recently and it tasted too sweet to me, definitely the sweetest red I've ever had.
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I came in here to say Jam Jar, and to suggest that you look for a cork-finished lambrusco in the 10 dollar range.
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