Crypton Super Fabric - really truely super and duper?
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Need to save sofas. Have big stinky dogs. Is Crypton the fabric or choice? Or is there something better?

There have been two positive mentions of Cypton,* but I'm looking for more data. Those of you who have this stuff at home or have worked in an environment with Cypton, is it really the wonder drug the Crypton people claim that it is?

Is it true, in your personal experience, that cleaning per the Crypton people's instructions includes using a solution made with a zippy soap?

And finally - does anyone know how this stuff is made? Do they grind up baby orangutans for their silky, silky coats? The FAQ has a little about nylons and so forth, and they talk a good game on green, but it's hard to know.

My goal would be to have sofas that do not stink, even with three stinky dogs home alone all day, shedding and drooling and spewing dander. Spouse is not thrilled with the more obvious solution of going with a parsons bench or three instead of a new sofa or recover the ones we have. (FWIW, I would pay someone who knows that they are doing to recover. Easy to work with is not an issue for me.)

Mention one, Mchelly (personal experience
Mention two, divined by radio (fabric rep only, not personal experience)
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Best answer: Sunbrella is awesome too! Ridiculously easy to clean, doesn't snag, doesn't pill. Not quite as cozy as most indoors-only fabric, but it's a great material for kids and dogs.
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I would also use a couch cover that can be washed. Dirt brushes off, but smell is insidious.
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Slipcovers are what you need. One made out of crypton would probably be a good idea. I have no experience with Crypton, but slipcovers are great for kids and pets. Buy a good couch and have two slipcovers made, one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter.
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