Looking for a good historical overview of life in the US from 1945-1950
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auto-mats, greyhound buses, Pan-Am, radio, TV etc. Pop culture and day-to-day life. A book with lots of pictures would be ideal.
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Best answer: Life magazine archives
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Also here
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The Americana Annual (1946), "an encyclopedia of events of 1945".

Unfortunately, the annuals for years 1947 to 1951 appear not to have been scanned.
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Response by poster: Great answers - thanks very much.
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This Fabulous Century (1940-1950) This is a series of books from Time-Life , each volume covering a decade from 1890 thru 1970. They're long out of print, but you can find copies of individual volumes for less than $5 each. I read them years ago when I was a teen and loved them. Tons and tons of great pictures, cause hey it's from Time-Life.
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