Looking for music featuring children sing. Tiny voices - Huge perfomance
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Do you know any albums or artists that heavily feature very young voices done in a serious matter? Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dok4wJ4pqo0

My google fu has failed me and the best I got were random you tube videos.

I am looking for any and all pieces that have a single or multiple children singing. Preferably studio quality.

Once again, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dok4wJ4pqo0 is the best example to the style I seek.

Genre or language does not matter.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend,
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Looks for boys choirs -- there are a lot out there. Classically, they are groups of boys (generally but not exclusively pre-pubescent) singing classical music.
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The soundtrack to Les Choristes (French film about, well, a boys choir) is very nice.
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Boys choirs, cathedral-associated childrens' choirs, and other children's choirs are probably going to be the kind of thing you're looking for. One of my favorite composers for treble choir is Benjamin Britten - he wrote lots of masses, song cycles, and other music for boys' voices. Check out his Missa Brevis and the Ceremony of Carols. They're particular favorites of mine at least.

Another term that will help you out is "treble soloist" which is often used when referring to children's voices where soprano or mezzo-soprano would often be used for adults. Boy soprano is also used but you don't see girl soprano or child soprano as much.

Specific recs: I love this duet for soprano and bass-baritone (it's not the best recording but it's not bad). It's part of Bach's Christmas Oratorio and there are lots of recordings of it (not all with boys).

Also the soundtrack to the the 1995 movie A Little Princess has some lovely parts with children singing.

And although it's really, really not studio-quality and not always very serious, I love the Langley School Music Project for some super-intense singing children.
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The Mission Soundtrack; 20.

Also the young choir on Zen-Gen.
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Ed Vedder from Pearl Jam performed with a South African high school choir: Betterman and a few other songs.
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Scala does stuff like this: 1, 2, 3
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There's the Cleveland Orchestra Children's Chorus, Libera Boys' Chorus, and The Choirboys.
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Try the Capital Children's Choir, recently linked.
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The album version of dreamkeeper, by Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra, features a beautiful children's choir.
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