Proxy allowing access to live Youtube streams blocked in the US
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I would like to watch the official live Youtube stream for the America's Cup races this afternoon. These live streams are blocked in the US. I believe this will be the stream for today's racing.

I have tried half a dozen proxying services and browser extensions, and none works on the above link. Most seem to be oriented toward users outside the US looking to access US-only content, not vice versa. Can anyone recommend a proxy service or tool that will work with this stream? I have access to Mac and Linux boxes, but not Windows.
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Best answer: I am copying this from my Facebook feed from Thursday, and haven't actually tried it:
For anybody who wants to watch the america's cup live feed without the time delay get the google chrome browser, then go to the google store and get a free extension called "stealthy". Once installed, close and re-launch the browser, click on the stealthy button and you can browse away without youtube knowing where you are coming from..... it's working for me right now :)
Credit to Bryan Myers if it works.
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Best answer: Update: tried the above, and set my country to Canada, and it at least removed the "not allowed in your country" message from the page. Being that the stream hasn't started yet, I don't know about the performance.
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Response by poster: Looks promising so far—thanks!
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I use Private Internet Access VPN and setting it to Canada unblocks that YouTube feed. Works like a charm for content in other countries too.
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If you have a cable subscription that includes NBC Sports, the live stream is available here. If not, proxy away.
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