Colorado Flooding, Uncle missing
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My uncle and his brothers are camping in Estes park, no one has heard from them since Thursday, I'm just finding out now. My brother and I are in Denver (rest of the family is in St. Louis). What can we do? Where should we be looking to see if they've checked in anywhere? Are there any organizations listing names of people who have been rescued but are still without cell/Internet service, or does the fact that we haven't heard from them mean that they are likely still stranded somewhere?

I don't know where to begin, thought you guys might have some ideas. Thanks in advance.
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Try the Safe and Well service with the Red Cross. Best wishes for your family.
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The Larimer County Sheriff office non-emergency number is (970) 416-1985. If they're not running the missing persons effort for this incident, they can tell you who is.
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The Estes park twitter says to contact the red cross Safe and Well site to find people, just like topopholia lists. I hope they are fine, sorry for your worry.
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Worth a try
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Just saw this tweet: @LarimerSheriff: 970-498-5500 will take information for people that are unaccounted for. Currently we have about 100 people on that list.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for the answers. They made it to a Red Cross phone line and were able to call my aunt and let her know they're ok. They're heading out through Rocky Mountain national park, wet and weary but safe and with plenty of food.

Thank you!
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I hope they are safe, will say my prayers!
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