Options for flat roof (and recomended roofers in Toronto)
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HomeownerFilter: Need a new (flat) roof. Questions for homeowners in general and Torontonians.

So here's the scoop: flat roof, row house, needs redoing, some tricky bits. First estimate was $6000 (or $1500 to patch it up with no guaranty). I want to get more estimates but, sheesh, there's a lot of roofing companies out there (and whoever did this one last time made a mess of it, so I'm a bit gunshy). Can anyone recommend a roofer (experienced in flat roofs) in Toronto?

Secondly, while we're spending an arm and a leg anyway, is there anything more interesting/useful we could be doing with it for about the same amount of dough? (A rooftop deck/patio? A green roof? Something I don't even know about? What do these cost relative to a plain roof? Can I put them on a row house?) Anyone got a magic formula for determining if the roofer is qualified?
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Best answer: Oooh, a green roof would be cool, but I've only seen them done on commercial buildings. I don't know how much more it will cost for a home. You could take a walk down to the new Mountain Equipment Coop building in Toronto and ask their management.

Alternatively, you might consider a roof with a high albedo (aka a white, or "cool" roof), which would lower your cooling costs on sunny summer days. Again, sorry I don't have costs. Hopefully this'll give you a start googling.
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And since Green Roofs for Healthy Cities are at Broadview & Danforth, they'll know local contractors.
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Best answer: Flat roofs used to be nothing but trouble. Now you can cover it with a rubber membrane. It is expensive but works. A green roof or deck or whatever is great if you want to invest the $$$. Just make sure that the foundation for such a thing is strong and waterproof.
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Best answer: I don't live in T., but it I did, I'd contact one of the roofers listed by Holmes on Homes. Your local BBB should also have quote request form.
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I second the rubber membrane, it's great stuff. I had a pretty big porch roof done on my old house and never had a problem with it again.
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Rubber roof yes. Green roof unlikely. Check out Carlisle roofing. They have a green section which has some surprising lighter weight options.
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As part of my job I help promote stormwater management methods for homeowners...I totally recommend a green roof. They aren't that difficult to have someone do, and they're definitely worth it.
1) They will reduce your home heating and cooling costs
2) The organic layer protects your roof
3) They will insulate your house from various sounds (planes flying overhead, for example)
4) They're attractive
5) They reduce roof runoff, which in turn reduces stormwater runoff, which has a *lot* of benefits in terms of water quality and pollution prevention.
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