Windows printing allow only certain computers
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Window printing filter: I have used this twice but can never remember where I can make the setting. Somewhere in the setting for a single windows printer being shared from a server (2000) you can specify which computers are allowed to print to it.

The gui is a single control panel in size and lets you add/remove computers from a list. All the computer names must be valid WINS names and WINS needs to be enable on the network. This is useful if you have a computer in locked room that should not be printed to. I realized that I could also this by adding the computers in the security tab of the printing properties but I have already done this , the first way, and now need to add some new computers.

What really gets me I that I set this up last week but for the life of me I can not figure out how I did it. I have be searching the registry for the names of the computers that I know are already on the list and can not find them. I have tested machines that I know to be on the list and they can print whereas ones not on the list can not with various errors based on the application
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