How to correct "can't load Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) error"
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I recently installed EndNote on my mac and have since been getting an error whenever I open Microsoft Word that says "can't load Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) error". How do I get rid of it?

Google says to make sure that my hard drive doesn't have any special characters... it didn't really before this, but I changed my hard drive name to exclude the possessive in "Name's Macbook" just to be safe... didn't work. Any thoughts on how to handle this? I can't do a fresh install of word because I no longer have the product key (unless, of course, there is some way to get my product key and some way to do a fresh install without a CD). Anyone come across this problem and found a way to fix it? Microsoft online help doesn't really make sense to me -- I don't know how I would be able to check that the hard drive name on the install folder excludes any special characters without a fresh install. Thanks.
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What versions of Endnote and Word are you combining?
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 2:26 PM on September 13, 2013

Word 2011 for Mac and Endnote x 7 for mac
posted by dubhemerak3000 at 2:44 PM on September 13, 2013

You might try resetting your template file.
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Ended up finding a way to do a fresh reinstall.
posted by dubhemerak3000 at 9:41 AM on September 15, 2013

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