New Blue Cross member, looking for doctor, where to start?
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Hello, asking for a friend of mine: Looking for a new doctor in Santa Clara/Alameda Counties (California) in the Blue Cross network, recommendations?

She recently started a new job in Mountain View, she lives in Fremont. With this new job, the health provider is Blue Cross, and as she's only had Kaiser up 'til now, she's not sure where to go to pick a new doctor, or how to navigate their system. (I'm on Kaiser, so I don't have any advice)

She had brain surgery 5 years ago to get a tumor removed, and as this year's anniversary is coming up, she's stressing on finding the right doctor to go get an MRI done, to check to make sure nothing malignant is making a reappearance.

Looking for advice on who she should talk to, and recommendations for Blue Cross doctors that are knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

Thank you!
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She should start with her previous doctor. They will almost certainly have a few recommendations for her. It's not like people getting new jobs and changing insurance is a rare event.
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Certainly, the Blue Cross website should have a "Find a Doctor" function, so that's a place to look. I agree, though, she should simply ask her former doc if they accept BC. Unless they are exclusive to the Kaiser system, I can't imagine they don't accept BC. Most doctors are "in network" for a variety of insurance plans.
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Try PAMF they have many doctors reviewed on yelp and I am pretty sure that the MV location takes Blue Cross.

Kaiser Doctors only take Kaiser patients so you are out of luck there. Sorry I have no specific dr to recommend ( I am also with Kaiser).
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For something like brain surgery follow-up, I'd head towards Stanford Medical Center and not look back. And I'm guessing your better docs are going to be on that side of the Bay, not Fremont. Blue Cross generally has wide network. Actually for something this specialized I'm surprised the previous doc doesn't have a recommendation.
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I would highly recommend Palo Alto Medical Foundation, though I don't have a specific doctor recommendation. I and many family members have received excellent health care for mild to severe medical issues from PAMF's doctors. They have locations around the East Bay, including Fremont.
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I've had good experiences with PAMF too.
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Yes, PAMF is the place to go. I have Blue Cross as well. They have locations in Fremont too.
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