Where to find unique cycling socks in Seattle?
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Is there a bike shop in Seattle that sells cycling socks that would make a good souvenir?

I'm in Seattle until tomorrow night, and the last item on my shopping list is a pair of cycling socks. So, I'm looking for a local shop (there are so many!) that has a promo sock with their name on it, or a pair with a crab/skyline/fish... You know, something touristy.
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You might give these guys a look. Not sure if they are cycling socks, but they are definitely Seattle-themed.
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I don't know anything about cycling or what counts as cycling socks, but the Sneakery on NW 65th St. in Ballard, next to Molly Maguire's, is a specialty shoe and sock store with lots of kitschy and touristy themes, and if they don't have cycling socks they can probably point you in the right direction.
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Perhaps I should have written "local bike shop"...
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