Media Overload - Help Me Find Some (New or Old) Quality Content
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What websites or tools do you use to weed through and find new quality media content... Movies, Music, TV Shows, Video Games, Magazines, Books, other... both old and new?

I constantly find myself overloaded by the vast amounts of media available, both old and new. I find technology keeps evolving making the media possible through different technology platforms, but I'm more interested in finding quality content than a different platform.

I find friends and family tend to be the best filters out there, metafilter has some good suggestions pages as well

but What top lists, random suggestions, webpages do you use to find new and old media. What other methods are available?

In school a teacher guides us through the content we study, what sort of guides are out there that are worth checking out for different media content worth checking out?

What forms of deeper analysis of the media to which we consume exist and are worth checking out?
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I like The Onion AV Club.
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