Song ID: UK house hit, late '80s - early '90s
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I'm trying to rebuild a mix tape made for me by a London friend around 1989-1990. One track I'm having trouble finding started out with "Are you sitting comfortably? [Good.] Then I'll begin," which is a sample from the BBC's "Listen with Mother" radio series (click on the second old time radio for a clip, starts at the :16sec mark). After that it had a very deep man's voice saying "Welcome," over and over again while the music ramped up behind it. I always thought the man sounded like Worf, from ST: TNG. Any leads?
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That definitely sounds familiar to me, though I would have guessed it was later than '89 / '90 purely based on when I started to pay attention to music.
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My first thought was Bentley Rhythm Ace's Let There Be Flutes but on listening again I see that, while it does start with a sample from kids's TV, with a man's voice coming in after the start, it's not the same sample. It's also late 90s.

Thought I'd link it anyway, in case your memory is as bad as mine and it turns out this is it.
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Best answer: Izit - Stories?
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Best answer: I clicked the Izit link and from that link this video sounds familiar to what you are describing. Gino Latino "Welcome"
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Response by poster: Holy moly -- it was two separate songs and you guys nailed them both! Thank you!!
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Response by poster: Also, not Worf.
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