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We want users to be able to search our website for content, but not for them to be able to view search results and content that their usergroup doesn't have access to. We are changing our website around a bit, and there will be sections of the site that will be available to the general public and then there will be several password-protected sections for different groups (each usergroup has access to a different section). Each usergroup should only see the search results that are related to their access area. What approaches are there for this kind of setup? I don't think Google Site Search is the solution for this, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
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I think you could get that set up working with Solr, but you'll need root access to the site and some technical know how to get it working.
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I'm not sure if ElasticSearch does that, but it may be worth checking into because it's really fast. There are hosted solutions available such as I'm not a programmer, but I'm wondering if maybe just using different indexes for the public and and user group areas would be a solution. Another site search tool I've come across is Atomz but it displays ads.
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How much content is on your website? how is it stored and managed?
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Response by poster: We have about 150 pages of content. It is a Joomla site. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Assuming you want to stay with Joomla, I don't have any helpful info for you, but if you're considering other content management systems, Drupal does this easily and well.
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