Novels in 1st and 3rd person
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I would like to find novels told from the point of view of at least two characters where one portion is written in the first person and one is in the third.
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Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus trilogy.
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Melusine by Sarah Monette.

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale.
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Many of the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon are like this. It's primarily Claire's first person POV but it'll shift to other characters in third person as appropriate.
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Feersum Endjinn by Iain M Banks has portions written in first person written phonetically (e.g. Woak up. Got dresd. Had brekfast. Spoke wif Ergates thi ant who sed itz juss been wurk wurk wurk 4 u lately master Bascule, Y dont u ½ a holiday?). The rest (about other characters in third person) is written normally.
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Number9dream by David Mitchell (who wrote Cloud Atlas)
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Drowning Ruth does this.
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The Last Witchfinder is written in first person by the Principia Mathematica, and third person about a fictitious lady during the enlightenment.
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Jemima J by Jane Green does this, but it seems more the case that it can't decide whether it wants to be in third or first person and shifts jarringly between both. It is a very bad book.

I think Lisa Jewell's The Truth About Melody Brown does this too, although this is because some of the story is set in the present day and some in the past from the point of view of a different character.

Sorry I can't think of anything more literary!
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It's an over-exploited gimmick in everything Elizabeth George.
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If you're OK with crime fiction - LA Requiem by Robert Crais. I think there are 4 different POVs + flashbacks. Elvis Cole is in first person, everyone else is in third.
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Reginald Hill's Bones and Silence.

If we're including near-omniscient narrators as "characters," then Charles Dickens' Bleak House.
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Sophie Hannah's detective novels alternate between first and third person (they switch every chapter).
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Swamplandia! by Karen Russell.
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Please Look After Mom by Shin Kyeong-Sook has chapters in all of first, second and third persons, from the viewpoints of multiple characters. It's not my favourite book, but apparently a lot of people like it.
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Crime novel: U is for Undertow does this.
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Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.
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Eric Jerome Dickey does this in his books, specifically in Sister, Sister. This is his first, it's good, but not as good as others.
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The Sue Grafton mystery I'm currently reading is written in both 1st and 3rd person. It's been a while since I've read one of her books so I'm not sure if all of the Kinsey Millhone novels are written the same way.
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The Small Change series by Jo Walton does this: each book has the same character in 3rd person limited POV, and a different character in 1st person.
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Please Ignore Vera Dietz has first-person sections where the narrator is a ghost, a pagoda, and the main character's father. The bulk of the novel is in third-person limited omniscient.

Necessary Evil is the third volume of a sci-fi story which is basically about Nazi X-Men versus British spy/warlocks, so maybe not the best example for you to look at because it very much needs the first two volumes setting it up. However, it has a time travel plot and the first-person sections are from the point of a view of a character whose younger self gets third-person narration.
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Confessions of a Crap Artist -- by Phillip K Dick
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House of Leaves.
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The Apocalypse Codex by MeFi's Own Charles Stross hits these marks well.
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Christine by Stephen King.
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Invisible by Paul Auster plays around all with all of the -persons.
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The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner
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Eat the Document by Dana Spiotta
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Charles Stross "Rule 34" fits the bill, almost.

Most of it is in the second person. I won't say more on account of the spoiler thing.
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The super excellent Patrick Rothfuss book The Name of the Wind (and sequel) switches between third person and first person.
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Underworld by Don DeLillo
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Speaking of David Mitchell, "Cloud Atlas" is also an example.
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Dickens' Bleak House has first person narration and third-omniscient.
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