Linux for Tablet PC.
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Anyone know where I can find a version of Linux that supports Tablet PC functions?

I'm looking to make my Toshiba Satellite R15 into a dual-boot system. XP tablet, which comes with it, is nice but doesn't have a lot of the special features I need as a programmer/hacker. I can install *nix anyway, but I don't want to give up the tablet functionality in the process because it comes in handy so often. For that matter, can anyone point to tablet programs for *nix?
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Lycoris Tablet

Recently bought by Mandriva, only time will reveal what they do with it.
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Not that it really applies to your situation (since you already have the hardware), but this is interesting.
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Emperor Linux on a ThinkPad X41.

Hunh -- second time today I'm mentioning them. Anti-disclaimer: I have no relationship with them whatsoever.
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Ok, maybe I should re-emphasize. I'M NOT LOOKING TO BUY A NEW LAPTOP. I just want a *nix version with tablet support that I can install on my existing one.
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Sorry. In a word, no, you probably won't find a Linux that would support all the features of your Tablet PC out of the box. Here are accounts of people installing Linux on Toshibas. There aren't any accounts of the Satellite R15 among them. You'll note that the stories are often characterized by a lot of effort, and by never getting everything working.
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