Expectant mefite ISO cat-pee proof chair for baby noms and writing work
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For the past year or so, this has been my writing/computing set-up. The chair (a used Shermag glider) was super comfortable, but also super ugly. But my cat keeps peeing on it, and crazynesting has me wanting a better-looking (and smelling) cat-pee proof replacement. Challenge: under $200.

I really like the comfort of the glider, but I've always found it dead hideous. Apparently, kitty does too. No, there's nothing medically wrong with him. Yes, we've checked. An evil neighbor cat keeps peeing on the bush outside the window, which means that the chair is a frequent target for his ire. The cushions aren't washable, though I finally got fed up and tried to gently wash them. Now the cushions are both non-washable and lumpy and uncomfortable (and sometimes smell like cat pee), and I am kind of starting to hate this chair and would like to get a replacement for upcoming nursing and book writing.

(I have searched for replacement cushions; they are expensive and I haven't found any that fit this model. Plus, the chair is still butt ugly)

Our bedroom is kind of funky/retro/mid-century modern looking in shades of brown, orange, and blue. We might be able to put a replacement chair on a baby registry but realistically, I'd be buying this for myself, and I would like to spend under $200. I'm open to used suggestions, but am a bit unsure of what to search for in the continuum of non-hideous/affordable/comfortable. We have an ikea poang chair that we'll be using for the actual nursery, but it currently has an old, lumpy pad on it and I'm unsure of whether it will be comfortable enough to sit and write on for long stretches of time. I'd be open to something that reclines or has a matching ottoman within my budget. In an ideal world, this chair would look like this, but we can't afford it. This is totally to my tastes, but expensive and the linen makes it non-viable for cleaning. Would something like this be comfortable enough for my purposes? Am I better off getting another fugly glider and making a replaceable cover for it? Anyone have any experience sitting in a leather-cushioned poang for hours successfully?

Help me, metafilter. Save me from the cat pee.
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We used a poang for nursing and the nursery, and it worked ok. They also make a rocking chair version now, which is nice. I think you can get a new pad separately. But I can't see it being a very comfortable chair for computer work because you're leaning pretty far back.

That said, I recently sat in somebody's glider, and really wished I had had one during the constant nursing stage! Much more comfy than the poang. And in the first few weeks, you'll also want a chair you can pile a lot of pillows around in different configurations -- the poang isn't the best for that.
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I too hated the idea of an ugly glider and looked for a stylish rocker before kid bubbaclees was born. I ended up with a butterfly-style rocking chair and ottoman, which worked out ok but wasn't as practical or comfortable as the ugly glider my brother and sister-in-law had.

I really think you should resign yourself to the butt-ugly-ness and stick with the comfy glider thru the nursing period. Once you have baby PhoB, comfort will shoot so high on your list of priorities you won't even notice how it looks. Save your pennies for one of your stylish options a couple of years down the line.

As for the cat pee issue, maybe having the chair in a new location (not close to the window where he is seeing the enemy) will break the association?

Good luck!
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Whatever chair you get, maybe try placing a large piece of aluminum foil over the seat cushion when you're not using it - some cats hate stepping on it and try to avoid doing so.
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The cat actually pees under the glider to the bottom of the cushions, not on it. There's really nowhere else we can put it in the apartment, either.
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An evil neighbor cat keeps peeing on the bush outside the window, which means that the chair is a frequent target for his ire.

I don't think there's any such thing as a pee-proof chair. Getting some kind of motion-activated sprinkler you can post by the bush to scare off the neighbor cat (and likely a host of other nocturnal visitors you're not seeing) is probably the best thing you can do for your cat & home. They've used that trick on the Animal Planet show "My Cat From Hell" successfully.
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By "pee-proof," I mean vinyl or leather that's easily cleaned, rather than fabric with dry-clean only cushions. (Why they make chairs for nursing babies on whose cushions you can't wash, I don't know). I'm 100% certain it's my cat's evil orange nemesis at work--I've watched him spray the bush--and even though I know it seems obvious, I'm really looking for furniture solutions, not cat solutions. It's a multi-family rental, so sprinklers, etc., aren't a viable choice for us. I've managed to minimize the cat pee, but I know realistically there will always be some, so I'd really rather find furniture choices that work with the situation, not against it.
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> An evil neighbor cat keeps peeing on the bush outside the window

Not that you asked, but I managed to stop an evil neighbor-cat from pooping in our vegetable garden by putting in a motion-detecting sprinkler. It also got the gas meter-reader, and the kids, and us, and... but most importantly, it got Simon to quit crapping in the tomatoes.
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The cat-pee-proofing sounds like you're better served trying to improve the cat than the chair. Hmm. Random things to try:
- Cutting down the bush outside so there's nothing for Evil Cat to mark
- Drowning the bush with bear urine or pepper spray or whatever the popular cat-keepaway scent is these days
- Putting up blinds or translucent privacy screen so indoor cat can't be driven mad by sight of Evil Cat anymore
- Going over your chair area with a blacklight to erase every single urine spot and then marinating the air with a Feliway diffuser
- Move the cat food bowl to the fave pee spot and thus threaten the cat with pee in his own food if he doesn't shape up
- Calling Jackson Galaxy and being on TV

When all that fails, there are waterproof slipcovers you can buy or even arrange to make for your chair of choice—some like those clear plastic sheets used on stereotypical granny furniture, some less stiff and terrifying. Even a wipe-clean vinyl chair without a cover will start to crack eventually under the regular onslaught of cat pee.
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Seriously, guys, I don't own the bush, it's directly outside my neighbor's front door and he'd be pretty pissed if his six year old kids got hit with a sprinkler, I've been battling the cat urine with various measures of success during the entire tenure of ownership with this super territorial boycat using any suggestion you can throw at me (including feliway diffusers, nature's miracle, frequent blacklight cleanings, orange oil, rearranging furniture, changing the litter situation, changing the food dish situation, and watching every episode of Jackson Galaxy I can). Unless I want black-out curtains and windows closed 24/7, this is something that's going to happen every few months when the cat is stressed. I appreciate the thought, but I'm really, really not interested in cat-centric solutions. And again, they don't make waterproof covers for this kind of chair--I've searched, it's a no go.

Thanks, though, for the feedback on the poang. It helped me realize that it really wasn't the solution I was hoping for.

Anyway, I sent this question to a friend and she helped me find this cheap knock-off of an Ekornes Stressless chair. It's a bit fug, but goes better with my general aesthetic, looks comfortable, is right around my price range, should fit both purposes, and is easily cleaned fake leather. Should get here in a few days; hopefully it's what I need. So I'm going to mark this resolved.
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