Someone rent us a damn table already.
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Getting married on a Sunday in early November and we're having issues with EVERYTHING party rentals in NYC.

We're having a really rough time finding a place willing to pick-up and drop-off on a Sunday. The service at the rental place we had an appointment with today was so underwhelming and disorganized that we no longer actually trust them to get shit done: they forgot the appointment, lost the initial price quote, quoted vastly different prices during the meeting (they figured out it was for a wedding) and now aren't returning phone calls.

So, we need some party rental recommendations. We've done our homework and exhausted our own resources. We're just looking to rent really basic, practical stuff: tables, linens, coatracks, bar gear. We won't be needing silverware or plates or decorations.

Anywhere in NYC that will deliver to/from DUMBO is fine.
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Tried these guys?
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Are you getting a caterer for the event?

If you are then they dropped the ball and should have gotten tables. Crawl up their ass about it. A good caterer covers everything food related, and that means what you eat on and eat from as well as what you eat.

If you're not, it might not be a bad idea to talk to one and see if they'll just handle the rental stuff for you. There will certainly be a fee for them handling it plus the cost of the rental, but if you're freaking out that much it could be worth it.

Depending on how much you need and if you have friends/family/weird connection that could still help, if might not be a bad idea to just buy tables and all that stuff and then pass it out to everyone afterwards.

But I agree with you, it shouldn't matter what the event is for. Especially for rentals where all they're doing is dropping off and picking up. Getting five 6 foot tables for my kids birthday party is the same as getting five 6 foot tables for a wedding.
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