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I've made a website to make it easier to access state constitutions. Help me figure out how to reach the people who will be most interested.
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Post it in Projects!

Who is generally interested about one-stop-shopping for state constitution information? I'm guessing students, policy wonks, armchair attorneys and the like. Find the watering holes for these folks and promote accordingly. Otherwise there are the usual SEO tactics or maybe dropping a few bucks for Google AdWords.
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I think I would start by figuring out what are the major politics blogs - pretty easy at the national level, but you might also look for state-level ones, for example by searching the name of each state or state capital plus "politics blog" (Albany+politics+blog). See which of these blogs accept suggestions, and follow their procedure for submitting your site. These should be a good first way to reach politics junkies of all types.
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Lots of teachers are interested in this sort of information - from highschool through college. There are lots of online resources and blogs that collect links for teachers. Try searching for education blogs about polisci or social studies and try submitting to them.
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Hey, Collective. Send me a link to it, please. I do marketing in the legal profession (in Oregon) and would like to see if it is the kind of thing I could promote.
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Send me a link too, I'll add it to my library's guides (LibGuides) for history and politics!
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Certainly make it known to this law librarian. If she likes it, she can get the word out to a lot of her colleagues.
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