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I just bought some stuff from and needed a little bit more to get free shipping. I ended up buying some glass rods from Amazon's "industrial and scientific" store that I will use for stirring cocktails. Can you recommend other cool doodads from Amazon's dark corners that might be useful around the house? Bonus points for less-expensive items to round out your shopping cart, not $1000 pieces of lab equipment.

Put another way, I'm looking for interesting lab/scientific/industrial (or whatever) items that I would not otherwise encounter and that can be repurposed for home use AND are available on Amazon (preferably with free shipping).

So, glass rods from the labware page-->cocktail stirrers. In the past, I had a set of welding gauntlets that I used instead of oven mitts.

MeFites in labs, machine shops, marinas, garages, etc.--what other items from your respective areas of expertise have come in handy at home that I, as an office drone, wouldn't know about, and are they available at
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Response by poster: Another example is the propane torch I use in the kitchen, straight from the plumbing aisle of the Home Depot. But that's maybe a little more commonplace than I'm hoping for--you see those torches frequently on cooking shows. I'm hoping more for products used in industry/labs or whatever that 1) I didn't know existed/would never have occurred to a layperson to own and 2) either present a perfect solution to a household problem or do it particularly cheaply (like the glass rods, which were a steal).
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Don't know if this is your style, but I was at a party the other day with an absolutely gorgeous array of colorful shots served in clear test tubes all set up in a test tube rack (basically like this, in rainbow colored rows.) So pretty!
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Someone I know bought some metal blocks from Amazon (I think steel?) and uses them as paper-weights and book-ends.
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There are also digital scales available, which are probably more accurate than whatever you can buy @ BEd Bath & Beyond. Potentially useful for food prep.
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If you want to get a huge list of things that are above a certain price point, Shipping Filler displays images of the products along with the description and price, AND you can select filters for categories, but I think the classifications are a bit off. For example, I limited my search to "Industrial" and got back "beverage nakpkins" along with O Rings and patch cables.

If you just want a huge list of product descriptions without a filter, Filler Item does that.
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I don't know if graduated beakers are better than measuring cups (especially if you aren't good with metric/oz conversions), but they sure are cool. I have a 4oz beaker that I keep with bartending stuff, but I suspect it was actually a novelty item not lab gear, because it's ounce measures.
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Serious Eats recommends these commercial deli takeout containers to use instead of tupperware-type food-storage containers at home, because they're sturdy, cheap, and easily stackable. I'm planning on buying some, though I haven't yet, so I can't personally vouch for their quality.
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Similar to aimedwander's suggestion, I love using 50ml beakers as shot glasses. (45ml = 1.5 ounce = 1 standard shot).
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I bought a ton of mini neodymium magnets to get to the free shipping threshold a few weeks ago. I've found so many more uses for them than I ever imagined possible.
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I have, uh, a friend who likes this veterinary product for its extracurricular uses.
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Similar to lunasol's reccomendation: Squared containers. Some friends at work joined a food subscription service and save these containers for me. Very sturdy and good meal-sized containers.
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Slick Fillers is another tool along the lines of Shipping Filler and Filler Item.
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Disposable pipettes -- endless kitchen/refill-this-weird-container/empty-this-weird-container uses.

I use a lidded Wheaton staining dish for butter -- it is not great in the "cheap" category, but it does have a nice heft to it.

The miniature beakers are also good for bobby pin, tweezer, cotton swab etc storage.
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If you live in a cold clime, you have to get this Fantastic Ice Scraper for your car's windshield.
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Those eye droppers kmennie linked are also useful for making cocktails.
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I use a infrared thermometer for precise kitchen tasks like making candy or tempering chocolate.
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