Which radio NFL announcing teams should I check out?
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In an attempt to cut the cable cord, I'm using NFL Gamepass this year. My favorite feature so far is the ability to switch between the televised broadcast audio to the home and away teams' radio audio during the game. (I only get the tv audio on rewatch.) So who should I listen to? Is there a Vin Scully equivalent I'm missing out on? Or is there a tv broadcast pair that I should always listen to, no matter what?
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Cris Collinsworth is the best play-by-play guy on TV right now IMHO - but he only works the NBC Sunday night games.

I grew up in Philly, so I am partial to Merrill Reese as a radio guy.
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I'm sure everyone will just post their hometown guys, but Saints Radio with Jim Henderson, Hokie Gajan, and Bobby Hebert is great.
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If there is a 49ers game, I enjoy the Ted Robinson and Eric Davis radio broadcast.
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Jeff Joniak calls the Bears' games for WBBM radio. He's excellent at the factual play-by-play narration and the get-up-and-cheer stuff too. Here's his voice all over this Devin Hester highlight reel.
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I'm clearly a fan but I like the Steeler's announcing crew of 1 play-by-play, 1 in booth analyst and 1 sideline reporter. The sideline reporter is perhaps a misnomer as he provides almost as much analysis as the guy in the booth does but adds the perspective of being on the field and seeing the game from a different angle. One of the Fox tv announcing crews deploy a similar scheme and I think it is a refreshing change from the standard setup.
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The Chiefs radio guys are always better than their TV guys if that ever comes up for you (probably not)
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Seconding Merrill Reese. He is the epitomy of a radio voice and he has a very keen eye for the play by play calling and analysis.
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I only heard them once, and I am a Giants fan, but I found the Washington Redskins radio team to be entertaining. If they aren't playing the G-Men, and I had to listen to a 'Skins game, I would listen to them again.

I think Boomer Esiason is a very good analyst. I think he does Monday night Westwood One radio games. I would listen to him regardless of the team (or sport) he is broadcasting.
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Not sure if this applies, as I don't know how NBC's Sunday Night Football fits into your magical NFL Gamepass system that I am very jealous of, but the SNF crew is really quite good, and I think I'd prefer them to any radio team.
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Just to amplify my answer: Sunday Night Football Producer: No Need To "Glorify" Big Hits Anymore
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If your team is ever in need of an improbable comeback, pray to God that Gus Johnson is calling the game. I'm sure you can YouTube some of his greatest moments.
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Greg Papa for the Raiders might be worth a listen, at least for the novelty of the play-by-play guy not hiding his frustrations with the team. He always seems to be on the verge of melting down into complete apathy. I think he's a good broadcaster overall, and definitely smart and knows a lot about football, but he's at his best when the Raiders make a bonehead play late in a winnable game.
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