Chapter summaries of Said's Representations of the Intellectual
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I'm teaching a university class and I've assigned the book Representations of the Intellectual by Edward Said. I'm worried some of what Said says might be slightly over their heads and from past experience I know a handful of the students have learning disabilities and struggle with theoretical works. Does anyone know of an online source or short book/article that provides chapter summaries or at least breaks down his theories from these Reith Lectures? I wanted to provide a supplemental source to the students in case they don't quite get the points Said is trying to make.
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I've never taught Said but I would guess that if you have supplemental materials, no one will read Said.

If you think a lot of them won't get it, maybe assign something else.
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Surprisingly, to me at least, just googling it turned up a brief study guide--no summaries, but questions that draw out what one instructor wants the students to get from it. It might not be too much work to do something similar for your class that helps them focus in on the points you really want them to consider.
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Every student is different, but whether you end up teaching this specific work or not it's probably worth going to your campus disability resource center to see if they can help you plan ahead for this next time, or give you strategies for discussing more difficult theoretical concepts.

You are almost certain to learn some techniques that will help the whole class, not just those who identify as having a learning disability.
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