Spanish Nutrition 101
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Looking for books in Spanish that cover the basics of food and nutrition.

If it gets a little more into detail that's okay. A coworker, who admittedly knows nothing about nutrition, has asked me to help him find a book so he can learn. He recently had surgery for a pretty major health problem, almost died, and the doctor says he needs to change his eating habits. The book has to be in Spanish.
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There are brochures that cover nutrition basics here, and it looks like at least one of Michael Pollan's books has been translated: Saber comer: 64 reglas basicas para aprender a comer bien. In Defense of Food has also apparently been translated, but I'm not seeing it in Amazon. Maybe interlibrary loan?
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Diabetic Cooking for Latinos is bilingual, and is pretty awesome. It tends towards more Caribbean style and Central American than Spanish from Spain, if that matters. It does have a section on nutrition, I think. I can't find my copy right now... probably because my friends keep borrowing it....
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Beyond Rice and Beans is bilingual as well, but I found the title a little obnoxious... there is also Viva Vegan! But that's just recipes.
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