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I am looking for people who have had recent experience with wedding DJs in St Louis to share good suggestions. Happy details inside.

So after a 3 year Chicago-Brooklyn LDR, we will be tying the knot next summer - in my family home town St Louis. Since we are both out of town it is tough getting a bearing on who might be good. So hometown mefites, please help me out! Two details.

1. This is the second marriage for both of us, so we don't need any of the cake smashing/silly dancing stuff. This is just meant to be a celebration for us and our friends. We would value a good personality who can get people of all ages to the floor.

2. I am assuming that DJs have digital magic these days, but we have varied and eclectic tastes. We want someone who can work with us to make it a unique night.

Thanks for any suggestions, it is a fun challenge to arrange a wedding in a distant city. Hoping for some askme magic.
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For my St. Louis wedding of a few weeks ago, we had (included in the reception venue package, and so not chosen by us) a guy by the name of Logan Swank, who works for the Complete company. He could not have been better.

We requested a range of music, from 40s swing and jazz, to Baby Got Back ("when the time is right"), and just about everything in between, and he made it all work. There were definitely (generally slow) dances with parent- and grandparent-aged folks (as well as people our age), and times when it was the younger folks enjoying themselves. And my dad did the Twist, as per usual family tradition, of course. And there was definitely no cake smashing or (compulsory) silly dancing.

He verified the pronunciation of the wedding party's names ahead of announcing us and was very good about explaining how things were going to go and accommodating requests both for music and changing up the order/adding stuff in. Essentially, he made it easy.

We got several compliments on how good/fun/professional he was after the wedding. I'd definitely hire him again for any DJ-necessary events.

Hope this helps. Any further questions, let me know.
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We used Jimmy Hussey when we got married in St. Louis a couple of years ago. He was great. My husband especially hated the idea of a dj who was the center of attention, and Jimmy was really good at understanding what we wanted and being very unobtrusive. He was also really good at figuring out what would get people out dancing. So I highly recommend him.

It's been a couple of years, but if you want any help or other recommendations, feel free to memail me. All of our vendors (especially our florist) were wonderful.
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