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Hubby's going to Berlin for work. He wants to know what to bring back for me, (I know, so sweet). What are good gifts to bring back to the US? Suggestions? I did tell him jewelry is always accepted...
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Something with the Ampelman logo.
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Do you like chocolate?
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Always Kinder Eggs. And some real chocolate too.
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Seems him to one of the Who killed Bambi stores. He will find something awesome.
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This may be outdated (or inapplicable to you personally), but my dad brought home lots of beautiful wooden Christmas ornaments from Germany in the mid-1980s.
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Sorry just realised their website doesn't have much detail. They sell clothes and jewellery and bags and accessories and it's all a little bit fun and quirky.
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If you like licorish there is a really tasty local brand called Kado - they have a shop in Kreuzberg.
At the "new era" hat store in Mitte they have baseball hats with "Berlin" very elaborately embroidered on them.
You can't successfully transport Curry-wurst on the plane.
There's a couple stores with things made by Berliners - I know there's one in Mitte/Hackesche Höfe.
Afri-cola. (Awesome looking bottle)
Also, there's a guy who sells pens and pencils and organizers, all particularly nice not particularly expensive: I've seen him at Arkona Platz flea market and at Hackesche Markt 'regular' market-day (don't remember what day that was - maybe Wednesdays)
I think the trend I'm pointing out is there's lot of good 'Berlin' stuff easily had around Hackesche Höfe. (Mitte)
There's a store with the aforementioned very cool wooden Christmas tree ornaments around there as well.
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Ritter Sport chocolates and maybe some regional beer.
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He must go to Kastanienallee just south of the Schönhauserallee train stops. There are a ton of unique stores with very Berlinesque goods that literally will be found nowhere else.
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Goodness me, them ads is a bit wrong, innem?

really craving a cola now. haven't drunk that stuff for years.
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