Yes, there can be too much pumpkin.
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I'm looking for a comedy short about pumpkin spice obsession. Pretty sure I saw it on Youtube, last fall or the fall before.

I'm fairly sure all the actors were women, and they were heralding the return to "pumpkin season" by seeking out pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin scones, pumpkin ale, etc, etc.

At the end, they attempt to sate themselves by eating raw pumpkin straight out of the gourd. The closing line is something like "this is disgusting".

Please help me find an online link to this so I can show my pumpkin obsessed friends!
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Response by poster: One and done. Why YouTube couldn't bring that up on a search for "pumpkin season comedy short" I have no idea. Thank you!

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Even though you have already found what you were looking for I am going to post this pumpkin dance anyway because of reasons.
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