Tap Shoes on the Capitol Steps?
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The first day of tap dance class is on Monday, and due to an ordering snafu, the tap shoes I ordered online won't get here in time. Where in the DC/MD area can I buy a pair of tap shoes tomorrow? I'm a women's size 7.
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Best answer: I would try Le Gals Activewear, Artistic Dance Fashions, or Repeat Performance-- just call ahead.
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Best answer: I'd call the studio and see if they have any suggestions. They might be fine with you showing up for the first lesson in street shoes.

And have fun with tap! I tap danced for years and absolutely loved it.
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Best answer: My grandparents own a store in Clinton that sells tap shoes. Call 1-301-856-2144 tomorrow to see if they have them in stock.
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As a former dancer, I'd wear equivalent shoes without the tap, and wait for my fancy shoes to arrive.

Seriously, this is not a big deal:)
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If you have some street shoes that are a bit stiff (not sneakers) that stay on your feet well, those should be fine for the first class.

Something like a low heel with a strap, or an oxford type shoe would be good. Wipe down the soles and remove anything stuck in the bottom of the shoe that could scratch the floor, carry them with you and put them on at the studio.

It's quite possible to tap dance in sneakers even, but it's easier to learn with a stiffer shoe.
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I would like to third the recommendation of using non-tap shoes for the first class. Your best bet would be to use a pair that is similar to your ordered taps - either short heels or flat shoes.

I've subbed in dance sneakers when my tap shoes went missing one week. It is not ideal but my teachers understood. Your studio may have recommendations.

Have fun!
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2nding the recommendation to call the studio. They'll probably say just wear a pair of oxfords. Also, when I took tap in college, the studio had access to a whole bunch of 2nd hand shoes that they sold on the side. I don't know if that's common.
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Response by poster: Just got back from Le Gals with my tap shoes! I called the dance studio, and they also recommended them. I know I could have just worn my street shoes - I did that for a couple drop in classes I did in the summer. But, I was kind of annoyed at the online place for screwing up my order, so I cancelled it. I'm glad to spend my money at a local business instead.

And empath, I would have loved to patronize your grandparents' shop, but Clinton is a little far for me. I did pass their info on to a friend who's taking the same class, though.
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