What blogs do you love?
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Suggest great personal blogs with sharp writing and lovely photos?

I'd love suggestions for some great blogs to read.
I enjoy blogs with playful, positive writing and beautiful photos, like Dooce's newsletters and Pioneer Woman's tutorials.
I also love sharp, silly, clever writing like Hyperbole and a Half, Jon Bois, Geekologie, Mimi Smartypants, and TIME FOR SOME STORIES.
If the writing's great, I don't care about the images, although good eye candy is always nice.
In terms of subject matter, anything goes- if it's insightful and engaging, I'll happily read just about anything.
Suggestions for more?
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One blog I really enjoy is "Small Things": http://www.gsheller.com/

Beautiful photos of her kids, gardening, knitting, crafting, and a quiet life in a rural part of Virginia. (There is some nominal religious content- the author is Catholic).

There is just something very peaceful about her blog. A lot of "mommy bloggers" strike me as always trying too hard- trying to be hilarious or irreverent or whatever. This blog is just very sincere and it's a breath of fresh air.
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I just found [insert literary reference] via a recent FPP. Sharp writing and lovely photos, all in one place!
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It sounds like you might really enjoy Posy Gets Cozy. Her photos are gorgeous and she writes beautiful little posts about her life. I always leave her site happy.

My very most favorite parenting/life blog is Swistle. I am at a loss for how to describe why I like her and her writing so much, but I do. Her blog doesn't typically have photos.

I also really like Julia, who also doesn't do a lot of photos but I suspect that, like me, you'll think the writing is good enough that you won't care.
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Seconding Posy Gets Cozy, for sure!
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Seconding posy gets cozy (on preview, thirding)

This question has made me aware of how many very excellent blogs in my reader have not updated for months, or even years - hopefully this will put me onto some excellent new ones.

I'm more a fan of the diary-style, documenting of minutiae blogging, but some of my uplifting-with-excellent-eye-candy favourites are:




take courage

And in the generally uplifting / inspiring:
a moon, worn as if it had been a shell
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James Lileks!
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I like simply breakfast, it's just what the name suggests - simple beautiful breakfasts on a blog that remind me to slow down and enjoy the little morning ritual everyday.
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"jesse's cafe americain" (at, somewhat confusingly, jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com) is a well-written financial blog with the best food photos on the web, as well as antique ads and the occasional movie poster. he has a humanist, light-handedly christian approach, the food photos have inspired me to cook the dishes several times, and someday i would like to receive discipline personally from "madame le moderateur".
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Seconding Swistle. Also check out All & Sundry.
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Sore Afraid
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Sweet Fine Day
She and her husband own the confectionery Whimsy & Spice. She posts lovely pictures of her family and their everyday life and outings, and she captures the quiet sweetness in moments. Her writing is reflective and remarkably candid for someone whose business depends quite a bit (I think) on word-of-mouth. She's talked about her relationship with her Korean-American parents (this post about her mother is one of my favorites), financial worries / being the breadwinner as the wife / struggling to define "success" on her own terms, nostalgia for her 20s, etc. The writing is not especially witty and playful, but it's definitely insightful and engaging in its own honest way.
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Chookooloonks - lovely photography, and uplifting personal writing. A bit new-agey/personal development-y.

Whole Larder Love - cooking, farming, sustainability

Sleepless Nights - parenting, writing, wry and amusing

Journey Mama - positive, person writing about parenting, personal growth & spirituality, living overseas

The Wednesday Chef - mostly recipes, but also life and parenting stuff
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Aunt Peaches: Messy. Sparkly. More fun than a bag of possums.
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Orangette, Gluten-Free-Girl (Favorite: The Joy that Awaits Her, about her 4 yr old learning to read), current new favorite is Yes And Yes, just for fun.

I also like Melanie Crutchfield (favorite: Sad Waffles).
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