Fundraising site - donor can pay processing fee?
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I remember running across a fundraiser on a site (ala GoFundMe or Indiegogo) where they gave the donors the option to add the processing fee to their donation, or take the processing fee out of their donation amount. Which site is this?
posted by divabat to Computers & Internet (8 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite does this. Kiva does too (but that's a general kiva donation rather than strictly the credit card processing fee.)
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Response by poster: I'm looking for one where users can create their own fundraising campaigns, hence my comparison to GoFundMe and Indiegogo.
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Best answer: An organization I'm with uses WePay, which allows you to set specific fundraising goals (but doesn't require it) and also lets you include adding the fees to your donation as an option.
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Complicated "you" in that answer. The fundraiser can include an "add my processing fee of $.XX to my donation" option which donors will see. It reminds donors of the existence of fees and lets them know how much the fees are.
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Response by poster: That's the one! I went on the WePay site and saw their info for online merchants - is there a separate fundraiser site or do you just use the same one?
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Network for Good is another site that offers this, although it is designed for use by nonprofits specifically rather than individuals running fundraising campaigns.
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Donorschoose does this as well
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divabat, I think it's the same, but I can't remember details from when I was setting up the account. I do remember their customer service being very helpful when I had questions, though.
posted by not that girl at 6:16 PM on September 7, 2013

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