Do I have to return this guitar amplifier?
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I bought a used Roland Cube 60 guitar amplifier online. It seems okay for my purposes except every so often the signal falls out. I'm intending to return it but wonder if perhaps this sort of signal loss is to be expected with a used amp of this sort, in which case I might hang on to it. Some more details inside.

I took up the guitar a while ago. I have a solid-body electric which I played for practice though a SWR 15 bass amplifier. Wanting to get an amplifier that I could both take on public transportation, play with other amplified instruments and drums, and get a good clean sound through, I selected the Roland Cube 60 and ordered a used one from Guitar Center.

I've had it for a couple of weeks. It is somewhat heavier and bulkier to carry than I imagined, but the clean tone is good, and I would probably keep it. Except every so often the signal just drops, sometimes to silence, sometimes to very quiet static; sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for a half a minute or more. But this does not happen very often. I can use it for hours without it occurring, and it doesn't happen every day.

Troubleshooting by switching cables and comparing with the bass amp seems to indicate that it's indeed the Roland that is the culprit.

The intended purpose is rehearsing, community arts jams and occasional café gigs or the like. There is a 30-day return policy. There is nothing special about the price I paid for it, and there are others of the same description available. Should I return it, or is such imperfection par for the course for used amps?
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I have the same amp. This isn't right at all and would be unacceptable to me, even on a used amp. Explain this to the store and they should replace or repair, no question.
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Guitarist husband says to return it. You paid for a working amp and this isn't something that's supposed to happen, even intermittently.
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Return it. They probably got it back as a defective return, couldn't reproduce the problem and put it up for sale used. The problem you describe is not acceptable.
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Random silence, especially between long stretches, is pretty much the worst thing an amp can do, especially if you want to use it in public.
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I used to have that amp, I've had other used solid state amps, none of them have ever done anything like what you describe. It's unacceptable. If I were going to be playing live (or, really, with any other person present) I'd be so nervous that the thing was going to cut out at the wrong time that I wouldn't be able to play for s**t.

Return it. They might have another one just like it but if not, there are plenty of good amps around that price point.
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Guitarist husband says hell yes.
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